this is probably for you

this is for the woman
who brought me into the world
puzzling crafting meditating through
the mysteries of maternity
who taught me
the names of plants
the power of imagination
the magic of words
who slept on the floor
beside my bed
when I was sick
who kneaded dough
knitted sweaters and
untangled hair
who accepted love
in the form of
noodle necklaces and corny jokes
sloppy kisses and morning breath
who always answered
the cry
Mama Mama Mama

this is for the women
who took care of that woman
when her body grew frail
years-worth of cards
tucked away in a box
I found under her bed
who held her hand
when I was too young to understand
that mamas cry, too
who perfected
the art of distraction
in the wake of
a bad scan bad day bad mood
gestures glances hugs
that still run through my head
lest I forget
she was loved she was loved she was loved

this is for the women
who cried for me
when I could not
find the tears
who wrapped me in their arms
stopped the world from spinning
if only for a moment
who have listened to
the stories the heartache the bitterness the laughter
pour out of my mouth
and loved me anyway
who made grilled cheese sandwiches
and waited for me to talk
who showed up at my door
and took me away
dancing driving drinking
who reached across the console
and held me when
the tears finally came
who whispered in my ear
or shouted above my screams
you are loved you are loved you are loved

this is for the women
who guide and nurture me
even when I think
I know better
who answer the phone
late at night and
early in the morning
who remember
birthdays Christmases graduations anniversaries
and everything in between
who let me occupy space
to which I am not entitled:
guest bedrooms and family vacations
Google calendars and furnished attics
who fill in the gaps
where time ran short
and always remind me
I love you I love you I love you

this is probably for you


mothers day project


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